Ignorant Towards Immigrants

“It is not a U.S. immigration issue of overpopulation, scarcity of employment, nor economic hardship to the country.

It is not a U.S. immigration issue of White vs. Brown ethnic groups.

It is about a targeted-group HATE and Racist issue founded in pure and unrefined IGNORANCE at the complete and 

sole discretion of the human individual and their personal and invented belief systems.

Here is an example of a U.S.A woman from “Glendora”, U.S.A.  making racist comments and making false statements to a man that appears to be of

Hispanic or Latino ethnicity and for speaking Spanish…

Video: Woman Calls Police on Worker Speaking Spanish || ViralHog

And here is a video clip of two men with Hispanic or Latino surnames helping to save the life of an ethnically white baby child in Florida, U.S.A….”

Video: Surveillance video shows 2 officers saving choking baby

Image Credit: Pixabay.com / StockSnap

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