Separated and Deported

Felipe Ceballos, a loving, diligent, and warmhearted father was separated from his family. A father who was driving back home thinking he’d see his family one more time was stopped by an I.C.E agent. Fearing for his life and deportation, Felipe complied with everything the I.C.E agent demanded him to perform. Screaming to see his family one more time is what caused the I.C.E. agent to use excessive force upon him. His screams where as loud as those of a little kid crying for his mom after being separated. You read correctly, his screams where as loud as those of a little kid crying for his mom after being separated from his mom. It is exactly what Felipe Ceballos is going through knowing he will never see his family again.

Hundreds of families are being separated in the United States of America. Felipe is one example to follow. Many of these families being separated don’t see each other again. That’s the end of the family being together.  Felipe Ceballos has 3 kids who he’s left alone with his wife. He might not see them ever again. He’ll be deported back to Mexico, where he hasn’t been in years. Felipe will have to start from scratch again and it might take years to become stable how it was back in the United States of America.  We’ll be following Felipe’s story closely to provide any help possible to reunite him with his family. 

Join our movement to spread awareness. Share our social media, our blogs, or share the hashtag “Aguanta” & “SeparationKillsFamilies”.

Let people know that families are still being killed by separation. 

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