How far would you travel?

Would you travel more than 3,000 miles for a better future? Day after day. Night  after night. Step after step. This is what many people coming from Mexico or Central America have to go through for a better future for their kids, and themselves.Travelling nearly 3,000 miles or more can be exhausting. What would you do?  Would you stay in your country and live the gang violence or flee your country and travel nearly 3,000 miles. This is a decision many of these humans have to face everyday. Think about it, what else would you do? These are the decisions they have to take before deciding to travel these 3,000 miles.

You may ask yourself, why are they travelling these 3,000 miles for a better future? What is causing these humans migrate to the United States? Why don’t they decide to travel to another country? There are many factors to why these people are travelling these thousands of miles. Poverty, Gang Violence, threats, illness,etc. These are many of the factors that are making these people ravel thousands of miles. For example, some kids might be travelling alone, because of threats they received back home. They are forced to flee their country if not they’ll have to forcefully join gangs. Before you judge these people’s stories, ask yourself, “Would I travel thousands of miles if placed under their same situation?

More than 76,000 migrants cross the border without authorization, think about all these stories. Each and every single one of these human beings has a reason for travelling to the border of the US and Mexico.

Ask yourself this question, “Would you travel thousands of miles if placed under the same situation these people are placed in?”if your answer is yes, then you’re on the right path placing yourself under these peoples shoes.  If your answer is “No.” you’ve got more thinking to do. These amazing human beings aren’t travelling thousands of miles for fun. They are travelling thousands of miles for a better future.

Creator: Ueslei Marcelino / Credit: REUTERS

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