Skin color or Ethnicity?

Juan Gonzalez a 13 year old teenager who comes from a wealthy family is allowed to walk in a white Supremacist Restaurant in Mississippi. On the other hand, Edward Martinez, a 15 year old ten Agee who comes from a humble middle class family isn’t allowed to walk inside the restaurant.

Why is that, If they’re both from a Mexican background. The difference is that, Juan Gonzalez, is a white colored Mexican who appears to be American, because he’s white. Unlike Edward Martinez, he is a dark colored Mexican.  Why was one of them able to enter the restaurant and the other one wasn’t? Is it because of skin color or is it because he looked more Mexican than the other? If we talk about discrimintation most of the times it has to do with our own skin color. You might have a white American and a black American, and people might see a difference between them, even if there’s not a difference between them, but the difference that they’ll see between them would be because of their skin color. They are both Americans! What’s the difference between one or the other? None.

Create conscious. We are all equal. No matter our race, skin color, gender or whatever you’d like to bring up, we are all equal. We are all the same. A white Mexican and a black Mexican are both as equal as a white American or Black American. A Honduran or Guatemala native are the same as an American.

There shall not be a difference between our skin colors.

Photo Credit: / mahdighphoto2

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